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We have a flexible pricing policy and unlike other essay writing sites that help you write your essay, we do not have a flat rate for all papers. There are many criteria based on which we price our papers. The first one is the level of education for which the paper is being written. The paper that we supply for a high school student will be less expensive than a college paper which will be cheaper than a doctorate level thesis. The reason is that the level of expertise and the proficiency of the writer who is going to help you write your paper will be higher and he will be paid more.

The second criteria that we use when writing your paper is with regards to the service that is being requested. If the paper has to be written from scratch it will cost you more than if you just ask for an editing or a proofreading. It is easy to realise that the level of commitment and effort will increase when the paper has to be written from scratch, hence the higher rates. Since the proofreading is for a document that you have already composed it will cost you less.

The third criterion that you will have to be aware of is the time frame in which you require the finished paper. We assure you that when you request us to write you a paper, it will be done within the stipulated deadline, in fact we try to do it before the deadline so that it gives you time to go through the paper. If the paper is requested within a day or a matter of hours, the price per page will increase as it is difficult for us to find writers who can do the work in a short frame of time.