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We offer attractive discounts to our regular customers and those who have projects that are more than a stipulated number of pages. When a student requests us to write a paper for him we realise the travails that students have to face while trying to finish their education. We know that any discount that we offer can be of a great relief to a student. So we try our best to make our prices as low as possible. In addition to this there are discounts that we offer in certain exceptional cases.

We realise that the major deterrent that students face when purchasing papers is that they have to pay more when the number of pages are more. We offer discounts on the basis of the number of pages as well. The more the number of pages, the larger will be the discount as is evident from the table. Papers with pages from 1 to 15 will get a discount of 5% and the discount only increases as the pages increase up to 201 and above to 20%. This is a definite advantage to students as they will never hesitate to purchase papers that are larger in size and more consequential with regard to the grades that they get.

No. of Pages   DISCOUNT RATE
1 to 15 : 5%
16 to 50 : 8%
51 to 100 : 10%
100 to 200 : 15%
201 and Above : 20%